I came here tonight simply because I don’t have anywhere else to talk to. Or anyone.

Is that saying from the book I’ve been reading true? That everyone will end up betraying you, sooner or later. Now, I know that the writer clearly doesn’t intend me to take it that way, since the whole point of his books are the exact opposite. But I just can’t help but notice the truth in that, no matter how small.

I have always treasured my friends. More than anything in the world. But even now, they seem to be hurting me — betraying me — even those whom I never thought would have done such thing. Am I losing them? Are they pulling away from me, or am I pulling away from them? Is it their fault, or my fault?

I have never fit into my family. Not until in the recent year which, coincidentally, is the time when she was overseas. I’d like to think that I don’t hate her, but there are things about her that I just don’t like. I don’t like the way she makes sure things happen the way she wants, I don’t like the way she acts like she’s above everyone, I don’t like her immature way of thinking.

So, I retaliated. I made sure she felt what I felt, that she got to taste her own medicine. But still, she managed to get what she wanted.

I might sound envy. At some point, that maybe true. But is it wrong to want the things you’re always denied? Is it wrong to want to prove that you deserve the same care, the same attention she got?

I’m here only to pour my heart out, otherwise I know I’d go mental. Feel free to read, but don’t you dare judge if you’ve never walked in my shoes.

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"Women are not really welcome in football. Sexism is built into the sport, and it extends from front offices to the bars where women who know to call it football go to watch games. We are assumed to be with our boyfriends. We are met with snide remarks and knowing smiles — we’re only there, obviously, to watch attractive men run around and tussle with other attractive men. No woman could possibly like football the way men do, understand how it’s played, know its history, or appreciate the skill behind James Rodriguez’s goal against Japan or the evil genius of Robben’s drawn foul against Mexico. Forty-three percent of World Cup 2010’s global audience was female, but the people hired to write about, comment on, and narrate this World Cup remain almost exclusively male. The message is clear: only men are real fans; women are fangirls."
— Soccer Needs to Embrace Its Female Fans (x)

"I want to apologise to every Spanish fan, we are responsible for the loss. I hope you can forgive us."
— Iker Casillas (via gosialovesbarca)


Thank you ESPANA!

an ode to la furia roja


or, alternatively:

I’ve never loved the Spanish national team more than I do at this moment

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Sharing because this is so beautiful. Thank you. :’)


Iker Casillas

Llegando a Curitiba / Arriving in Curitiba



losses like these separate the true fans from the fake fans, if you’re going to support a team you should be supporting them during the good and the bad times otherwise don’t even bother hanging around with your fake ass

"What happened to him, has happened to me, has happened to other goalkeepers. But he’ll never stop being respected and a winner."
— Julio Cesar, Brazil NT’s goalkeeper, in a press conference on June 19th. (via avantebrasil)

"It’s a very sad day, without a doubt. A very tough day. This is not the way you’re supposed to say goodbye to a World Cup. It’s not what this generation of players deserves, to be out of the tournament after just a couple of games. The way it happened is particularly devastating. But at least now we we’re able to look back and see all the great things we’ve accomplished. Before, when we were eliminated from any tournament, we couldn’t do that, there was nothing to look back to. So it’s tough. And yet, we must be aware of what happened. We must analyze the situation and realize that we were very inferior to our rivals. We lost two matches with full knowledge that we had a maximum of two chances to make it through, not three. And there are no excuses, not much was different this time from how it was in South Africa or in the last two Euro Cups (in terms of tiredness and climate), you just can’t use that as an excuse. We can’t use anything as an excuse. Both of our rivals were better than us and we weren’t used to that, and we couldn’t rise up to the occasion. We couldn’t get back up again when we were one, two goals down and play under those circumstances. And there you have it, two results, two defeats. Tiredness might’ve been an issue, it might’ve played a role, but it didn’t before, it never had. We didn’t do anything different from the previous times, but this time, our rivals were far better than us.” - Fernando Torres (x).

"The squad was sad. There are no excuses. We were tired in Poland, South Africa… and we won. There’s a great generation coming and we’ll see them do great things. You cannot always win, but at least we can look back and see everything we’ve achieved"
— Fernando Torres (@sefutbol)


Mundial Brasil 2014 : Ochoa salvó a México con cuatro paradas

In the streets
our heads are lifting
as we lose our inhibition
it surrounds us
Every nation
all around us…